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Customer Appreciation Party!

Customer Appreciation Party

Please mark your calendars and join us for our Customer Appreciation Party on Thursday, October 26th from 4-6 p.m. We are also celebrating our 9th year in business! Giveaways!• Light Snacks!• Refreshments! This is a Ravenna Chamber of Commerce After Hours Event

10 Tips for Hosting an After-Hours Networking Event


We all know that networking and being active in the community are very important to your business.

Here on some great tips on hosting an after-hours event as suggested by Richard Sassan, of B&E Accounting: 

  1. Generate an invitation flyer with date and time of event. (Submit to Chamber for inclusion in their regular newsletter, check on deadlines.)
  2. Post the event on the Chamber website.
  3. Post the event on your website
  4. Any event that you attend leading up to the after-hours, mention your event.
  5. Notify your clients and invite them as well
  6. Use local businesses for food, drinks etc
  7. Ask local businesses if they have anything they would like to provide as a raffle prize
  8. Send out a press release to the broadcast media 2 weeks before the event.
  9. Contact the local newspaper and invite them to attend as well
  10. Send out an e-mail reminder to everyone day before the event

  and finally...HAVE FUN AND ENJOY!!!!!!

Two Back to School Lessons for Retailers


It is time for back-to-school shopping!

Love it or hate it, parents everywhere are looking for the best deals they can get on a variety of school supplies.

A study by analytics company Placed shared some surprising insights into parents' preferred channels for receiving promotions and deals.

-A whopping 46.3% said that PRINT ADS were their most preferred source for back-to-school promos and deals!

-11% of parents planned to finish shopping after the start of school, which could bode well for retailers looking for an extra bump in sales after the official end of the back-to-school season.

Two major points we can we learn:

#1 It's not too late to get your your message out to back-to-school shoppers. There will still be buyers late into the season; in fact, you could make a special point of marketing to these last minute consumers with deals designed just for them.

#2 Cross-channel promotions are still the BEST ways to reach customers. Don't rely on just one channel of communication. Your email campaigns need to be supported by your DIRECT MAIL campaigns, PRINT ADS and in-store SIGNS.





All Aboard!
It's our very first blog post! Yay! We've tossed around this blogging idea before. But the day-to-day fire-stomping of running a business and other projects on our to-do list got checked off first. Can you relate? You know that really great feeling when you get to follow through with something?? We got THAT feelin! :-D Our journey started back in 2008. As they say, things were smaller and simpler then. There was a quick demand to grow and change and offer even more than small format printing and copies. Some new equipment, some hustle and customer referrals caused us to outgrow our space. In 2011 we moved just down the street. We invested in technology and equipment and then in 2013 had a little rebirth as "Print and Sign Express." We think the name suits us as we keep chugging along through all the changes in our industry. We also love being part of the journey for others to get where they are headed. We invite you join us for the ride as we share what we've learned about things and answer common questions we encounter. We didn't start out knowing all this stuff and the best way to show our gratitude to those who have helped along the way is to pay it forward and maybe help someone else out. We'll see you at the next stop!
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