Copy / Print
Digital Reproduction and Copying

Our reproduction options allow us to print from your computer files or from hard copies. Text, photos, halftones and screens are no problem. We can crop, enlarge, shrink, shade, stretch, rotate or reverse your graphic elements easily. Last minute changes are no problem because it’s all done with a click of a mouse or touch of a button.
White Digital Reproduction

The Print Shop utilizes high-speed state of the art digital equipment to provide you with the highest quality and speed possible. We can print on a complete range of paper stocks and sizes with on line punching and binding.
Large Format Color Reproductions

Two large format full color printers make us capable of printing as wide as 60″ by almost any length. We can print on a wide variety of indoor and outdoor media, including matte and glossy paper, vinyl, adhesive vinyl, back-lit material, and more with laminating and mounting capabilities. One of our printers is solvent based which allows us to print full color outdoor banners and signs!
Litigation Support Services

Like many jobs that come through our print shop, litigation jobs demand speed and precision. They also require complete confidentiality on the part of our employees. We understand that no amount of speed and accuracy on our part can make up for a breach of confidence. That is why we will never compromise our commitment to maintaining confidentiality.

In the legal profession, presentation is everything. Our wide-range of litigation support services includes:

Color copies from books, slides, photos, maps, charts and graphs
Black and white copies
Enlargements in black and white or color
Full-color exhibits
Oversized document reproduction
Custom or Standard Index Tabs
Two or Three hole drilling
Complete bindery services
Bates Stamping

And when we’re finished, your originals will be returned to you in pristine condition, just as we received them. We’re proud to provide exceptional service and quality while preserving your clients’ privacy. Let us show you what we can do for you!

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